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Hama Lighting Tripod 200


Want to take the perfect picture but finding that the lighting is preventing you from doing so? Why not try using the Hama LS-L200 Lighting Tripod which is fantastic for those of you who want to take great quality photos everytime you use your camera and want to make your photography creative, inspiring and exciting. Set the right mood for the subject of your picture rather than settling for natural light by simply putting up the lighting tripod at the height, angle and place you want to create the image you require. The lighting tripod boasts an extremely sturdy frame thanks to the cross braces design and the quick action leg clamps as well as being light in weight, make this product easy to use whether you are outside, inside or working to a specific time frame. The extendible leg clamps which extend an impressive 200 cm and go down to 75 cm, greatly add to this product to ensure you have the ability to put your lighting tripod at the height you need so you can obtain the perfect picture everytime. The Hama LS-L200 Lighting Tripod is a great product for both professionals and amateurs and is a perfect addition to your camera to capture great images everytime.