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Kontrolfreek Fps Galaxy For PS4 | PS5 Controllers


KontrolFreek FPS Galaxy features two different sticks-similar to our popular FPS Freek Vortex. In the case of Galaxy, however, both sticks are concave. With one high-rise stick (10.4mm) designed for aim and accuracy on your right stick, and one shorter, mid-rise (5.7mm) stick for extra grip and comfort on your left, this combination translates to better control, precision and is perfect for just about any away mission. Boasting a beautiful purple-on-silver color scheme and an original laser-etched design that offers exceptional grip, Galaxy encapsulates our love for the space genre and stands up to the grueling demands of competitive online play. High-Rise Right Stick: For Aim & Accuracy Space exploration is great, but when alien baddies stand between you and victory, it's all about getting your crosshairs locked-on and taking down your target as quickly as possible. This high-performance gaming accessory adds 10.4mm of height to your controller's right analog stick, increasing range of motion up to 136%. This increase in range translates to better control and directly improves in-game accuracy. Mid-Rise Left Stick: For Grip & Comfort The lower profile mid-rise stick adds a negligible 5.7mm of height to your controller's left analog stick. This shorter stick is designed to add grip and comfort to your left thumbstick while increasing your ability to control your player's avatar. With all-around better grip and comfort, your maneuverability will improve, slippage will cease, and you'll be able to play longer while either saving (or conquering) the universe. Key Features Improves accuracy while aiming. Aggressive design for exceptional grip. Concave pad for enhanced comfort. Makes target acquisition much faster. Up to +136% range of motion for maximum control on PlayStation 4. Works great in games like: Destiny Battlefield 4 Star Wars Battlefront Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty: Black Ops III